Tuesday 5 January 2010

Side protection sunglasses in Antarctica... safety first!

Unidentified sunglasses / safety glasses in Antarctica. Photo: JK Keller
Eye Wear Glasses is a global blog. It is mainly written in London but we have photographic contributions from all over. None however have been as far-flung as this one. Here's JK Keller in Antarctica, impressing the penguins in these smokey prescription shades. I love the two shades of grey and the double bridge.

JK chose these sunglasses from the safety frame range in a small-town optical store and had to beg them to put the prescription sunlenses in them. If you look carefully (click picture to enlarge) you can make out the side protection.

"I lost the glasses a few months later," says JK "Sad, very sad." I could not agree more.

All this was a decade ago so JK was certainly well ahead of his time. EWG applauds you!

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See more of JK's Antarctica pictures here. Or visit his cool art/design website. Or click one, click the back button and click the other.

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